The Little Things (and the not so little)

Day to day observations and thoughts by little old me

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The War of 1812: The Movie

Just as well-written as your 8th grade history notes.

“What HAPPENED here? No seriously, Wikipedia had nothing.”

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Flowchart: Do You Have to Wake Up Yet? - (Click to view larger)
Rise and shine! Or don’t!


Flowchart: Do You Have to Wake Up Yet? - (Click to view larger)

Rise and shine! Or don’t!

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Chimps Are Cool


1. Rise of The Planet of The Apes was boss. 

2. Caesar was boss (watch movie to find out who that is). 

3. Chimps with higher IQ’s than humans are boss. 

4. Humans should probably learn a few lessons from these movies where we inject things       into animals, and then the animals become smarter and take over. Or not.

“Caesar is home.” 

Magnetic Fields - The Book Of Love

Most recent favorite song :)

Beautiful song, beautiful voice


Me: Where are my shoes?

Sister: Over there.

Me: Oh yes, I saw them. I sawed them.

Sister: I thought you wanted to wear your shoes. Why did you sawed them?

Me: Oh, well, I was bored and I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I sawed them.

Sister: Oh. OK.

President Obama Works Magic On Crying Baby [June 2011] (by BWRedux)

Cutest thing ever.

Dumbing down for the oil change guys

I drove into town today to get an oil change. First, please consider I had just driven 3 hours across the state, so I was not at my peak IQ. As my sister and I rolled into the oil change station, I was confused as to which side I was to drive in to. I got the universal sign for “go around the back” - the twirly finger and smirk. I said to my sister, “Yeah, I know exactly what they’re thinking right now. ‘Dumb chick. Let’s take her for all the money we can get out of her.’” The oil change guy hawked a loogie at my front bumper. They asked me to pop the hood; in my quest of finding the hood popper puller… thingy… I pulled the trunk opener. “Do you want your trunk open or closed?” sarcastic loogie guy asked me. I politely asked him to close it, but what I wanted to tell him was, “No, leave it open. There’s a nice breeze.” Thank God I have an awesome sister to help me laugh through my dumb moments.